To the parents and guardians of Broome County’s children:

In 2017, 66 people in Broome County died from overdose.  62 of those deaths were attributed to heroin or opioid use (Source:  As a community, we need to work together to stop drug related deaths.  We need to take action now!

To help stand against the fight to keep drugs off our streets, Evolution Consulting, LLC and the Broome County District Attorney’s Office would like to introduce First Step; a free drug testing program for the youth of our community.

If you believe your child is under the influence of drugs, please bring them to our office at 49 Court Street, Binghamton NY and receive a free and confidential drug test.  The results will be analyzed at one of eleven certified labs in the country with results available in 24 hours.  Only you will receive the results of the test.  If the test is positive, we will help connect you with local counselors and treatment facilities.  There will be no involvement from Law Enforcement.  We want to see you get your children treated and on the right path!

If you have questions about this program, please call us at 607-773-2266.


Evolution Consulting, LLC – Prevention is everyone’s responsibility