Our Mission At Evolution Consulting LLC

We are committed to providing your Human Resources Department with background reports specifically designed for your company. Our reports are delivered in a timely manner after being carefully reviewed for accuracy by our team. We are confident that our precision background checks will help you make those vital hiring decisions. Hiring qualified, honest employees is critical to your success. We will help you find the right talent the first time.

As your partner, Evolution will work with you nationwide to instill an established framework to conduct thorough and effective background screening checks on prospective and current employees in all facilities and states where you conduct business.

Our History

Evolution Consulting, LLC, has been in business since 1993, with a physical business base in Binghamton, New York, just over one hour south of Syracuse, New York. Our dedicated staff is comprised of professional backgrounds including former state troopers and nurses, as well as former military, federal agents, government employees and associates. Our business prides itself on integrity in the workplace and assisting other businesses to achieve the same.

Timely Turn Around

Timing is essential in the hiring process. Our focus is speed and percision.

Rapid Turn Around Time

The key to our 24-hour turn around time is making sure we have all the information needed in the beginning to perform a background check quickly. Our rapid turn around time allows your Human Resources Specialists more time to devote to their specific duties.

Personalized Service

We provide individualized service to your assoiciates within each Human Resources Department.

The Highest Quality Standards in the Industry

Our company holds all associates to to the highest standards of professional integrity. Quality of service is a hallmark of our commitment to excellence. We consistently measure our performance and strive to conscientiously exceed the expectations of our clients.

Custom Reports

We offer customized services designed to fit your organization's needs.

Taylor-Fit Background Check Reports

We offer the right combination of services to provide your organization with the knowledge it needs to make the best hiring decisions. Our staff is available to work with you to design a custom package that will help your business succeed.


We take data security to the next level to keep your company's information safe.

High Level Encryption and Secure Data Handling

Our team is committed to the best security practices. We use AES-256 and PGP encryption to keep data secure at rest and in transit. Our IT team is constantly enhancing our security model to provide you the best protection possible.

Our Mission At OIG Compliance NOW LLC

OIG Compliance NOW is comprised of a team of seasoned, qualified experts dedicated to ensuring that your organization is in total compliance with OIG/GSA compliance requirements, including adherence to all applicable federal/state regulations and guidances.

We will work closely with your organization to develop customized processes and procedures that demonstrate your commitment to healthcare compliance on all levels, thus reducing or eliminating your potential risk for OIG sanctions. Our program establishes comprehensive internal controls to ensure a robust and effective compliance program that protects patients and employees, helps to prevent fraud and promotes organizational integrity.

With over 95 years of cumulative experience and satisfied clients nationwide, we are confident that our services will exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us

  • 24-Hour Background Check Turnaround Time
  • Accurate, Easy-to-Read Reports
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • Volume Discounts & Wide Range of Services
  • Customized Packages & Reports
  • Decrease in Hiring Costs and Employee Turnover