Which Background Check Company Should I Use?

When you are looking for a background check on an employee, a prospective tenant, or on a loan application, what matters most to you? Most of the time, it is the cost.  It is understandable that cost is the priority, but what cannot suffer is accuracy.  More and more, self-proclaimed background check companies are using “Automated Data” and computer systems for customers. An automated data background check is far less costly because of how easy it is to populate a report with arrest records, MVR reports, credit history and even parole and probation records. Most of the time, the information received on the report is used as is, and directly influences the hiring decision by the requestor. Most requestors prefer more data than less; it’s understandable to want more, to learn more, and to read more. The question is, are the data all true?

The problem is that an automated data background check looks through large repositories from all 50 states using a name association matching algorithm. Unfortunately, the algorithm will attach the right name to the wrong person or the wrong person to the right name. With over 350 million people in the United States, you would be very amazed how many people have the same name, similar names, or same names with different spellings. The next problem: automated data background check reports can be generated and finalized with NO HUMAN REVIEW. Often times mistakes happen, and the wrong person’s data is attached to a good person’s report.

These companies could fix this problem, but it would significantly raise the price of the automated data background check. The automated data background check uses a process called strip-mined digital informational images, and most companies that do this, do it for profit, not accuracy.  The automated data background check collects personal data and uses an imperfect tool to attach data to a person’s name.  The name could have three or four different spellings, but the imperfect tool does not care, it just applies the data. With no human investigative review and confirmation, constant mistakes are made and the automated data background checking company does not stand by its accuracy.

In truth, all background check companies are considered “Consumer Reporting Agencies” (CRAs) who are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which obligates the VERIFICATION of all information before it is placed on a background check report. Basically, all these cheap places are not following the FCRA, and instead are willing to set aside legal funds for when they get sued for not preparing correct reports. This also means that companies are opening themselves up to litigation by denying employment, a loan, or housing based on inaccuracies contained in a background check report.

The automated data background check service is imperfect. Unfortunately, the consumer or requestor who receives the report has little or no knowledge of criminal reporting and must use their own instincts to decipher the (mis)information. For about twelve to fifteen dollars, an automated data background check can be requested, and unsuspecting consumers take the information on the report as “gospel” rather than conduct their own reviews of the results.

Most people that are looking for a job, an apartment/house to rent, or who want a bank loan, are good people with no criminal records. A bad or improper background check destroys the chance for a good person to be judged without suspicion, and their information can be tainted forever.

Not to sound cliché, but it is true that you get what you pay for! At Evolution Consulting, we may charge a few dollars more, but we use live, trained, and licensed criminal investigators. Our investigators use proven, hands-on criminal investigative techniques to very all information that is placed on the report. We verify our results for each background check based on data from state and county court records, state Departments of Motor Vehicles, state probation and parole offices, and more.

Many times in the background screening process, good people get associated with the wrong name, and it ends up discrediting them. This seems to be the price consumers (and hiring companies) pay for a cheap background check.

Evolution Consulting LLC (EVOCON) is a private investigation company that has been in business for over 24 years to provide dedicated background check (BGC) services nationwide to clients in industries that include healthcare, transportation, financial, staffing, and other industries. Our service areas include criminal background checks, drug/alcohol testing, employment physicals, and other medical services. We are a licensed investigative firm that employs a team of 60+ investigators who perform live investigations for our background check clients.


EVOCON can provide clients with a single, streamlined solution for all pre-hire applicants to ensure a comprehensive assessment of and reporting on suitability for employment in the healthcare industry. Our solution includes the following:

State-of-the-Art System & Tools

  • Online Customer Portal for ordering all services and retrieving reports
  • Electronic Wet-Signature Consent Form (can be customized)
  • Electronic Application Form for BGCs (can be customized per BGC)
  • Custom system interface options and development

Background Screening Packages

All of our background check services are “a la carte” meaning they can be ordered individually. For most clients, we create “packages” that are suitable for their individual hiring needs and at affordable rates. These packages are displayed in the secure portal account to facilitate ordering.

Criminal Background Check:

  • U.S. Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Search (includes Alias names for 7 years)
  • SSN Trace and Address History
  • Statewide Criminal Search
  • County level searches (last 7 years)
  • Violent Sexual Offender and Predator Registry Search
  • OIG/GSA/State-level Sanction Check (includes license based sanctions)
  • Health Care Worker Registry
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) List of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) Terrorist Search
  • Civil Suit Search
  • Barrier Crime Search

Comprehensive Background Check:

  • Criminal Background Check, included
  • Employment History Verification (last 7 years)
  • Professional License Verification and Certification/Designations Check (includes Disciplinary Search)
  • Education Verification (highest completed)
  • Professional References

Other Background Check Searches:

  • Department of Motor Vehicle Driving History
  • Consumer Credit Report
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Federal Criminal and Civil District Court Searches (PACER)
  • Specialty state searches (MA iCORI, INSP, ILSP)
  • National Practitioner’s Data Bank (NPDB)
  • Medicare Opt Outs
  • Death Master File & NPPES Search
  • Newspaper Articles & Clippings Search (90 days)
  • E-Verify services
  • International Searches
  • Adverse Action Processing

Other Screening Searches:

  • Nationwide Drug Testing (3 networks)
  • Nationwide Employment Physicals
  • Nationwide Immunizations/Titers
  • Other medical services (chest x-rays, mask fit tests)
  • HR Services

Performance Metrics

We work diligently to provide accurate and fast service to our clients. Typical turnaround times are listed below. We create custom procedures for communication/escalation based on client needs.

  • Criminal checks completed in 24-48 hours
  • Drug testing results in 24 hours (negative)
  • Physical exam results in 24 hours
  • Full BGC reports in 3-5 business days
  • Escalation procedures after 3 calls/attempts
  • Portal provides immediate updates on each applicant
  • EvoCon investigators contact applicants directly for assistance